Rembert’s Blog Origin Story

An origin story!

Like most good ideas, setting up this blog started to seem like a good idea while I was taking a shower.  I wasn’t even thinking about setting up a blog, but clearly my sleepy mind was connecting to some part of my brain that works best when I’m sleeping, and a line of music crept into my mind:

  “What to leave in, what to leave out”

The line is from an old Bob Seger tune (“Against the Wind”) and probably had to do with a problem faced by truly successful artists: when planning a concert, which songs will you probably include and which songs will you will definitely not include.  When writing a daily blog (daily?  really?) there are usually things you really want to include, stuff you really don’t want anybody else to know about, and lots of topics that fall somewhere in between.

When I was in fourth grade we  were dropped into the library for an hour from time to time, and I used to spend some of my time with the encyclopedias – I would pick a random volume, open to a random page, and just start reading.  The web in some ways resembles a cross between that and a stack of old daily newspapers, but that suits me fine.  I love scanning news articles, catching a name or phrase that isn’t familiar to me and running after it.  Each website usually leads to more searches and more websites; sometimes I close the pages and get back to where I started, but sometimes I simply delve deeper and deeper until it’s time to go.  What I like most is finding something to read that is new to me, and that’s where I hope this blog will take readers – into an unstructured series of topics that may or may not be related to each other.

With any luck, each day will bring something new.  I’ve already started a list of topics for the next week or two, and I’ll see what I can do to keep that going.

For now, here’s Bob and the band singing  Against the Wind with the lyrics.



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