A Non-Spoiler Spoiler

Admit it: there have been times you went searching for spoilers, and there have been times where you did everything you could to avoid spoilers (and got royally annoyed when somebody posted one and ruined a surprise for you).

Some spoilers are no big deal (the star on a top-rated television show isn’t going to die from that bullet) while others are major events (“Rosebud”  ‘Nuff Said).  In polite company it’s now expected that spoilers will be announced ahead of time so that people can avoid them…today we have a spoiler that’s major, but at the same time won’t spoil any specific comic (although you may start searching for it!)

This year both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been turning their universes upside down, with mixed results.  Marvel has been hit with a diversity bat that keeps swinging at old characters and replacing them with new, modern versions.  This didn’t work too well with Civil War because the final issue (number 8) with the apparent death of Tony Stark didn’t come out until after readers had read five or more other comics over the past few months that dealt with the aftermath of his “death” and several replacements for the old man (specifically a teen-aged girl who somehow built her own suit).  On the other hand, the identity of the Jackal in the Clone Conspiracy was a great surprise, and wasn’t telegraphed elsewhere.

DC, meanwhile, simply threw away the misery that the New 52 had descended into and launched Rebirth, completely retconning their entire block of history again.  The biggest spoiler of the year was the reveal that Dr. Manhattan (from Watchmen) was to blame for launching the New 52.  Here’s a link to an article that discusses that:


In a nutshell, back in 2013 DC published a series of comics set in the Watchmen universe that was dubbed “Before Watchmen” even though some of the storylines progressed past Watchmen.  In particular, at the end of the Dr. Manhattan mini-series we see the Dr. using lightning bolts to play with a universe of his own making — a scene that looks a lot like the cover to DC Rebirth #1.  On the last page of the comic we see Batman in his cave handling a smiley button that looks like the one Comedian wore and musing that he feels like they’re all being watched.

So, is the Rebirth Universe somehow connected to the Watchmen Universe?  Fans have debated that, but not much evidence for it has appeared.  Until this week.  One of the comics ends with the heroes musing about the thoughts in a villain’s mind during their encounter.   The thought they overheard was just one word: Manhattan.  It would appear that we are now going to start tying the universes together.

Which comic?  Which heroes?  Which villain?  Come now, that would be a spoiler, and I promised I wouldn’t spoil it.

After a few days thinking about this post, I woke up in the middle of the night with the perfect song for today.  Sha Na Na is known for covering fifties music in late sixties and seventies, but they never got a hit single themselves in spite of making lots of appearances and even having their own television show.  They did release at least one single that was new music, and it contained a tie-in lyric:

only one word on my mind
all the words are the same
all the words speak your name

So here’s Sha Na Na singing Only One Song:

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