Design 03: The Bag And The Package

The bag that was dropped on the table appears normal enough, just a small velvet, blue bag with a dark black leather drawstring that can be used to easily attach the bag to a belt (or the bag will easily fit into a backpack, or a sack, or almost anything – think about something the size of a small dice bag).  In fact, it is a magical item, Bartholomew’s Bag of Gumdrops.  The bag and its contents will not detect as magical except for spells cast by spellcasters of at least level 16.

Inside the bag are 18 gumdrops of various gumdrop colors.  If one or more gumdrops are taken out of the bag and eaten they taste delicious and apparently have no other effects.

If the bag is closed after one or more gumdrops are removed from the bag, they will be magically replaced.  One gumdrop will be replaced every 20 minutes.  The colors and flavors of the gumdrops will vary, and other than some occasional exotic flavors (such as lemon-watermelon or chocolate-coconut) the gumdrops are all normal.

There are two exceptions:

Rarely a deep-blue gumdrop will show up.  Eating one of these will allow water-breathing for a period of 20 minutes.

Rarely a green gumdrop with yellow dots will show up.  Eating one of these will be the equivalent of eating a full meal, and the person who eats it will be fully nourished and not need to eat or drink for at least six hours.

Non-magical items that are put into the bag will disappear when the bag is closed.  There is no way to recover items lost in this manner.

Magical items that are put into the bag (assuming they are small enough to fit in the bag!) will not disappear, but no gumdrops will be created until the magical item is removed from the bag, after which gumdrops will start regenerating every twenty minutes.

The package is a rectangular box inside the wrapping paper and ribbons.  If anybody attempts to unwrap the ribbons a blast will go off that affect anybody within a 30 foot radius who fails a savings throw against a ninth level spell.  The affects will be random for each affected creature in that radius:

1-5   Stunned for five rounds

6-10  Stunned for five minutes

11-15  Stunned and sound asleep for ten minutes

16-20 Stunned and sound asleep for an hour

The ribbon will not be removed, and the package will not be opened after the attempt to open the package fails.

We’ll find out about the journal that is inside the box when it finally gets delivered.

The party should wander around town to pick up any gear they need, and decide whether to head out that night or the next morning.

Either way, there are gumdrops in their future:

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