Design 06: Welcome to Asterview

The party’s trip is uneventful for the next day, and about 3 in the afternoon they reach Asterview.  Since this will be the center of their adventuring for at least several levels, we need to have a lot more information on the village itself (and leave some room for expansion later).  Today I’ll simply detail the locations we want in the village, and tomorrow I’ll try to create a map.

The path the party is following widens into a road and passes between a number of small farms.  The farms will include farms that specialize in either agriculture or livestock, although all the farms will have at least a little of both.

Before reaching Asterview the road will intersect with a larger road that is perpendicular to it and clearly well-traveled in both directions.  There won’t be any additional farms from this point, but the party gets a good view of the village.

Asterview has grown up next to a river that is about 8 to 10 feet deep and 15 to 25 feet wide.  Across the river the bank rises rapidly towards rolling hills and is covered with the asters that give the village its name.  Between the road and the river are about a dozen buildings, most of which have fences and small garden areas.

Here is a (possibly growing) list of buildings we will need in the village:

  • a blacksmith
  • a general store
  • an inn/bar – they will probably pass this before they reach the store
  •  weapons and armor shop
  • jeweler
  • a retired cleric who has a small collection of books as well as paper, quills and inks
  • a brewery
  • one or more mills at the river
  • a small platform over the river that serves as a small dock
  • a tailor who sells cloth, wool, fur, and clothing
  • a building for the mayor and two peacekeepers (and the jail)
  • several residences for local merchants

We’ll need to identify the residents in the buildings as well.

Everybody knows Lefwynn, who unfortunately is usually either drinking at the bar or nursing a hangover from the day before.

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