Adventurous Interuptous

An interesting and related Kickstarter popped up today (one that I have nothing to do with!) that contains materials from a lot of people I’ve worked with.

Since it’s in Kickstarter none of us have any way of knowing when it will ship or how good the material will be, but it’s certainly worth a look.

How to Write Adventures That Don’t Suck

There’s a difference in writing an adventure for your local campaign and writing for a wider audience of unknown players and judges.  With your own group you have a good idea of how your players will react to most situations, and that makes it easier to design encounters for them.

When writing for a wider audience  you have to worry about parties with evil players (or players who think their chaotic neutral characters are evil) and parties that simply kill everything that they encounter and parties that don’t want to fight anything.  That’s a lot tougher!

I spent most of the day ordering comics for March from Previews, so there wasn’t enough time to finish up the map of Asterview; tune in tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Simon and Garfunkel visit their own little town:

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