Indiana Weather – Sigh

Less than a week ago it was 60 degrees here in Anderson, but at the moment I can look out the window and see snowflakes falling (and watch cars sliding around in the parking lot).  It really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise since it’s still January, but the swings in temperature certainly seem wider than they used to be.

Fortunately the weather didn’t dissuade customers from showing up to plan Magic in Friday Night Magic tonight – for the first time in a month we have enough players for both a Standard event and a Commander casual event.  Maybe with the release of Aether Revolt and the banning of a few cards more players will return for Standard.

In the meantime we’ll keep trying to run Frontier on Sunday afternoons, but so far we seem to get only four players each week (at least it’s mostly a different four each week).  Frontier is yet another attempt by players to use their old cards instead of constantly buying new ones – Frontier doesn’t go back as far as Modern or Extended, only back to Magic 2015.  The advantage is players get to use some of their old decks/cards, and if they don’t have a deck that works there aren’t any cards in the format that cost more than about $15 with the exception of a few cards from the last two sets (which should be cheap enough if players are patient about buying them) and the $15 cards are just the special lands.

If attendance doesn’t improve we may switch to running a type II league where players start out with a few packs and simply add another pack each week.

Of course, that would leave us playing Games Without Frontier:



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