We had a Yu-Gi-Oh Day special event today, and with the crowd and noise about all I could get done was some copy editing on past columns.  The main thing I did was fix the links so that when you clicked on one it opened in a new tab automatically so that the blog stays open.

HTML lesson: how to put a link into your blog.

[a href=”whereto” target=”x”] Underlined and Blue [/a]

Simply copy and paste the above line and make the following changes:

  • change whereto to the web address you want to link to.  The safest way to do that is to go to the page you want to link to and copy the link that probably starts with http:
  • change the two [ characters to <
  • change the two ] characters to >
  • change the words    Underlined and Blue    to whatever you want to show up as your link.  Readers won’t see any of the < and > or href stuff, just the words you put in that space

The strange target=”x” tells the web browser to open the new webpage in an area named x, but since you probably didn’t create an x location the web browser shrugs and opens the page in a new tab.

Facebook is once again showing the alternate news that California is looking to leave the US (guess why!)  Back in the 70s Danny Holien wrote a song begging Colorado not to follow California…while it may have been under different circumstances, and concern losing the wilderness more than anything else, leaving with California now wouldn’t work too well unless a few other states left with it.  Time and patience is probably a better plan than leaving, and in the meantime the video does have a lot of nice scenery!

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