Design 07: Asterview Map

It’s always fun trying to figure out how to get files and webpages to play nice – it’s even worse when you add in a blog!  It took some doing, but I finally got the map at the top of the page!  Here’s a key to the map:

  • (A) A small dock with rafts and canoes for rental
  • (B) Fishing supplies
  • (C) Brewery
  • (D) Mill operator (buys grain)
  • (E) Mill
  • (F) Residence
  • (G) retired cleric (scrolls, parchment, inks, books)
  • (H) Residence; there is a 6′ high fence behind it
  • (I) Stage and logs for audience seating
  • (J) Sells meat, fur, fish; Small dock in back
  • (K) Tavern and Inn
  • (L) Weapons and armor
  • (M) Blacksmith
  • (N) Residence
  • (O) Residence
  • (P) Mayor; Jail, Sheriff and Deputy
  • (Q) Tailor
  • (R) Residence
  • (S) Jewelry Shop
  • (T) Residence
  • (U) Residence
  • (V) General Store
  • (W) Fairgrounds
  • (X) Residence
  • (Y) Stables

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