Design 07: Asterview Details

Now that we have a layout for Asterview, we need a few notes on the setting for the village.

Your campaign may have different geography to drop Asterview into, but I’ll assume that the river flows West to East and the asters are north of the village.

The locals call the river the Winding River, although it has various other names upriver and downriver.  North of the river the land slopes uphill, and to the northwest there is a small mountain range.  Multiple brooks and streams from the mountainous area feed into a small pond about five miles upriver, and the pond itself empties into the Winding River. About ten miles downstream the river leads into a large lake which is drained by a large river that heads southeast.  Fishing is fair from the docks, but better upriver or downriver from the village.  Both the pond and the lake are good spots for fishing, but the further people travel from the village the more dangerous it becomes.

As the party approaches the village there is a large, well-traveled crossroad heading east and west.  There is an area northeast of the intersection that serves as a farmers market most of the year and as the setting for a large fair four or five times a year.  There are a number of permanent small booths and roped-off areas that are leased out to traveling merchants.

Visitors may not pitch tents or sleep outside near the farms or within about a mile of the village, but there is a tavern that doubles as an inn with rooms that cost about 1 to 3 gold per day (plus an extra 5 silver for each additional person).  Staying outside town will leave adventurers subject to all sorts of potential encounters.

Adventurers who are willing to sleep in barns at near-by farms will be able to work a few hours or pay 3 silver pieces per night for a place in the barn and two meals.

Details about the residents will be added as we meet them.

A party of six unknown characters will immediately attract attention as they approach the village, and one of the sheriff’s deputies will come out to meet the party as they get past the crossroads.  We’ll deal with that encounter tomorrow!

While we debate the need for fishing in a D&D adventure (just think of the time it can kill!) here’s Brad Paisley to sing about his experience fishing.

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