2 thoughts on “Kicked Again By Kickstarter”

  1. A friend told me how Game Preserve is offering to pre-order the latest CMON Kickstarter for its customers, allowing them to gain points for the purchase. Of course, this “point” system is a gamification of the retail business, an attempt to bring customers back to GP instead of other retailers. Your discount-based business model is much more customer-friendly, but appears disallowed by CMON’s policy.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this as a retailer, and exposing their retailer contracts, which I didn’t know before. I am curious: have you thought about adopting a points system for cases like this, or something mechanically equivalent, like “buy this at full price to earn a coupon for $10 off something from another publisher”?

    I’m glad I came across your blog. It makes me want to put more music videos in my own!

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    1. Point systems are complex to administer, and exist primarily to drag customers back to your store…discounts are simpler to administer and offering better discounts for pre-orders allows us to order what we need more accurately, helping to control cash flow.


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