Have Some Help With Life’s Problems!

Rewriting modern life’s little atrocities one rant at a time…

Do everyday annoyances make you want to tear out what’s left of your hair? Author and comic book store owner Rembert N Parker feels your pain, and he’s here to give you a piece of his mind.

Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century – How Much Extra Is No Cheese is a reservoir of essays, insights, and anecdotes from a true contender for the World’s Most Interesting Man. With dry wit and hilarious adages, Parker tackles an eclectic mix of topics from Academy Award mistakes to using sci-fi principles on Supreme Court decisions (and everything in between).

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to spend other people’s money and make a billion dollars
  • Why killing off characters may be the wrong way to add diversity to comics
  • How the Mandela Effect convinced millions that Paul McCartney was dead
  • Why you should blame Skynet for airline seat musical chairs
  • How to deal with the soul-destroying need to pay for cheese you don’t want, and much, much more!

With a wide-ranging mix of rants on pop culture, politics, and coping with the present, Parker’s personal stories show you how to conquer problems with poise. Using Parker’s toolbox of humor, irony, and common sense, you too can take on any challenge.

Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century is a must-read collection of hilarious essays. If you like observational humor, expanding your point-of-view, and an in-depth look at the past, present, and future, then you’ll love Rembert N Parker’s side-splitting stories.

Buy Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century on Amazon today:

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