How To Make Money By _Not_ Suing McDonald’s

My first book got its subtitle from a complaint I had about paying for cheese when I didn’t want it on my hamburgers:

Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century – How Much Extra Does No Cheese Cost?

My reaction was to stop going to restaurants that tried to force cheese on me, but some customers in Florida have taken a slightly different approach – they filed a class action lawsuit against McDonald’s seeking Five Million Dollars in damages:

McDonald’s Sued For 5 Million Dollars over Unwanted Cheese

It probably isn’t a surprise to anybody that I haven’t made that level of money simply writing about paying for cheese I didn’t want or get.  While they may not get very far with their lawsuit, there’s always the possibility that they may get an offer to settle that pays for a lot of hamburgers.  As noted in my book, Wendy’s started charging for cheese even when you didn’t get it even before McDonald’s, so perhaps another big chain should be on notice as well.

Given my allergy to legal proceedings, I figure my best chance to clear some green stuff from this situation is to sell more books, so until further notice the ebook will only be 99 cents!

The battle against overcharging for no cheese is only one of a few dozen problems the book faces, so if you want to entertain yourself with a few (often humorous) rants about the miseries of Modern Times at a more than reasonable rate click on the link above and pick up a fun read…or spend more money and get a paperback or audiobook copy.

There’s also the second book in the series, priced at only $2.99 for the ebook:

Nobody Wants Your Stuff – Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century #2

Now I’m headed back to work on book three, Child of the Radio – Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century #3.

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