Free Books!

Who doesn’t like books…even better, who doesn’t like free books?

I’m taking part in a multi-author book giveaway.  We’ve each tossed a number of ebooks into the barrel, and when the giveaway ends all those books will be given away to people who showed an interest in specific books.  There’s no specific focus on book topics, which naturally fits my books perfectly (I’m -still- trying to figure out what genre they fit!)

Just look at the book covers in the promotion, and click on any books that look interesting.  Random lucky people will receive free copies of the books until the supply runs out (different authors dropped different numbers of books into the giveaway, so it’s entirely possible that you’ll win a specific ebook no matter how many people have already clicked on the cover).

Most authors are probably hoping you’ll sign up for their mailing lists, but that’s optional…feel free to take the books and run…but some of us are hoping for reviews instead (again, totally optional).

The giveaway can be reached here.
Good luck!

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