Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 05/26/2019

How can you search for oldies you want to hear when you’ve forgotten them?

Radio doesn’t play those oldies anymore, even though you would enjoy hearing them again. This book offers you access to over 150 links to YouTube videos for Lost or Forgotten Oldies as well as history about the artists and their songs.

Here are some examples of the music history and trivia you’ll find in this book:

  • Doo-wop, Country, R&B, instrumentals, and novelty records that made the top forty but are now ignored by radio stations
  • an oldie that had four different versions all hit the Hot 100 the same week
  • an artist who had two one-hit wonders under two different names
  • a group that kept their first hit single from being totally successful by releasing a follow-up single too quickly
  • several groups that still had success after their lead singer left for a solo career
  • a future star who first appeared on a hit record as a voice on a phone call
  • an artist who had to change the lyrics of his song because he mentioned Hush Puppies
  • an overdub of one letter in a song that was necessary to get airplay
  • a Country artist who hit the R&B chart and then the Hot 100 chart before the Country chart
  • a video for a record that was “lost” for over twenty years
  • Buy the book now and start reliving a past you almost completely forgot about!

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