Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 05/28/2019

Today’s oldie comes from a Scottish group that selected a very unusual name: Danny Wilson. No member of the trio is named Danny or Wilson; in fact, the source of the group’s name is spoiled by the title of their first album: Meet Danny Wilson.

That title isn’t an invitation to attend one of their performances…it’s the name of a 1952 movie that featured Frank Sinatra in the title role. It may be a forgettable film, but the group’s first single, Mary’s Prayer, was their ticket to success. The single was released more than once without much success in the UK in 1987, but the record made it up to the low 20s on the US charts later that year…and the third release of the single in the UK got up to number three in that country.

The song was later used in the film There’s Something About Mary in 1998, but its appearance there failed to ignite renewed interest in the song.

Since it was the eighties, MTV was still showing music videos, including the video for this song. A live version in 2014 shows the singer could still sing nearly three decades later, while the stereo version sounds much, much better.

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