Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 05/31/2019

Records have often been rerecorded or edited for airplay on radio stations, but this is possibly the strangest edit ever.

Steely Dan was hired to create the theme song for the movie FM. While Fagen and Becker played most of the instrumental parts themselves, they did have all-star backup: the saxophone player from the Tonight Show (Pete Christlieb) and some vocal backup from three of the Eagles.

Even though the song successfully poked fun at “modern” FM radio, there was some reluctance on the part of AM radio stations to play a song that seemed to be promoting the competition at a time when FM was overtaking AM as the dominant music force in the US. A special version of the record was cut that overdubbed “F” with “A”.

The normal single version of the song still did fairly well in spite of jealous AM disc jockeys, reaching #22 on the charts in the Summer of 1978.

A live version from approximately 2000 gave them a chance to exercise their jazz muscles.

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