Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 06/07 /2019

Neil Diamond probably paid more dues than almost anybody on his way to his major successes in the seventies. Singles he recorded as part of a duo and as a single artist failed to find the charts in 1962 and 1963, and he spent the next few years writing and selling songs for very little money. Things changed when Jay and the Americans recorded his composition Sunday and Me and the record got up to #18 in late 1965. On the strength of that success, Bang Records signed Neil to a contract and began releasing singles in 1966.

His first release for Bang was Solitary Man, which only got up to #55 in its first release in 1966 (it did better four years later when it was re-released). Cherry, Cherry improved on that, getting into the top ten that Summer. His next single, I Got the Feelin’ (Oh No No) did not fare as well but did get up to #16 late in the year. After that, the Monkees recorded a few of Neil’s songs, and money probably ceased to be an issue. Neil moved to Uni Records in 1969, and his career took off, with another eleven top ten hits, three of which topped the charts.

There are videos for the single version of I Got the Feelin’ as well as a live version that has the Everly Brothers singing backup has survived, although that video isn’t of the highest quality.

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