Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 06/08/2019

How is it that somebody who had 11 top forty records in 25 months gets almost no airplay anymore? Such is the fate of Ronnie Dove. From 1964 to 1966, in spite of the British Invasion, Ronnie consistently got records on the charts. None of them got any higher than #14, and after 1966 he never got into the top forty again (although he continued recording into the late eighties).

Earlier this year, Amazon used part of Happy Summer Days in an ad; fortunately, we can still listen to the single version without the ad.

Following up on yesterday’s forgotten oldie, I’ll take It’s a small world for $1,000, please Alex.

The answer is songs Neil Diamond produced for Ronnie Dove.

Hmm. The question might be, “What are My Babe and Back From Baltimore?”

In 1967, after Neil had a few hits of his own but before his career took off at his new record company, he wrote and produced at least three tracks for Ronnie Dove. Neil also played guitar and sang some backup vocals as well. The recordings failed to get much traction and came near the end of Ronnie’s charting successes.

We can still watch the dancers on American Bandstand dancing to My Babe while the song was working its way back up to #50.

Back From Baltimore sounds a lot more like a Neil Diamond composition, but wound up as the B side of a record that only got up to #87.

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