Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 06/14/2019

In 1987 Richie Sambora wrote a song for the soundtrack of the film Disorderlies that was recorded by Bon Jovi. The song, Edge of a Broken Heart, was on the soundtrack album but never released as an actual single (although it did get enough airplay to hit an airplay chart).

Meanwhile, Richard Marx was hired to write and produce a song for an up-and-coming big hair metal band. This was not your average metal band, all the members were female, so big hair wasn’t much of a challenge for them. His work with the group completed, Richard went on to have three consecutive number one hits of his own that were definitely not hard metal.

The Vixen’s new song was also called Edge of a Broken Heart, and it was the breakthrough that Vixen needed after as many as 17 years of smashing metal chords onstage. The song was a big enough hit (it even got up to #26 on the pop charts) that the group was able to tour with established metal bands. They naturally created a video for the song, and they performed it live at MTV’s Spring Break 1989.

Early in 1989 a second single was released and did even better. Cryin’ got up to #21, but it was their last trip to the top forty. The group has been through a revolving series of lineup changes but continues to perform and record new music thirty years later.

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