Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 06/16/2019

We’re used to talking about the British Invasion that was led by the Beatles in the middle of the sixties, but little fuss is made about the Canadian invasion. Perhaps it’s because a lot of the Canadian stars relocated to the US, or maybe because the Canadian acts did not dominate the US charts all at once. Either way, there’s no denying that one of the most successful acts to come south of the border was Bryan Adams.

Bryan’s first two albums did not contain any singles that broke big on the US charts, but that changed with his third album. Straight From The Heart was a top ten single, and the title song (Cuts Like A Knife) got as high as #15.

The third single from the album was This Time, and it only climbed up to #24 (which was actually higher than the record got in Canada). The video was a simple black and white affair. He was filmed in 1985 performing the song live, again clad in a white t-shirt and a worn pair of jeans but not wearing the heavy leather jacket from the video.

Three additional singles were released from the album, but none of them appear to have been released in the US. Take Me Back, I’m Ready, and The Only One were released as CD singles or cassette singles primarily in Canada and/or the UK, but none of them were released in the US. None of those singles appeared on any national charts.

Bryan’s next album (Reckless) was released in early 1984 and spawned no less than six top twenty records over the next two years. His career really took off, netting him four number one singles and a long list of top ten hits that extended into 1996.

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