Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 06/25/2019

The 5th Dimension were five very talented singers who got very lucky in 1966 after being together for less than a year: they were signed by Johnny Rivers to record for his new label. Rivers produced their first album and brought in some of the Wrecking Crew to play background instruments for them…as well as the keyboard player, arranger, and conductor, a young Jimmy Webb. They covered Go Where You Wanna Go (a song from the first Manas and Papas album) and had some success starting with their very first single.

Their second single, Another Day Another Heartache, was written by P. F. Sloan and recorded with the same crew. The single first jumped onto the charts the last week of April 1967. It continued to move up the next week, and each of the two weeks after that the record moved up enough to get a star each week. The next week the record seemed to stall, only moving up a few notches to #45. A peek at the records bubbling under reveals the reason why!

Shortly after the second single from the group was released, the group’s first album was released in May. The album was named for the first song on side one, Up, Up and Away, a song written by Jimmy Webb. Naturally, disk jockeys and music directors dropped the album on turntables to give it a listen, and the response was immediate: demand for a single version of the tune was deafening. Even though Another Day Another Heartache was still climbing up the charts, the record company released the third single. The last week their second single went higher on the charts was the week that Up, Up and Away appeared at #125 and began its run towards the top.

The next week, Another Day Another Heartache dropped over twenty places and Up, Up and Away moved up 42 positions. A few weeks later their third release reached the top ten; the group’s second single’s airplay and sales were ruined by the premature release of their third single!

The 5th Dimension and Jimmy Webb recorded another album together in 1967, and lasting careers were had by all.

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