Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/01/2019

Alvin Cash and his three younger brothers put together a dance act in the early sixties. When they moved to Chicago, their act caught the attention of Andre Williams. Andre was the producer for One-der-ful Records. A dance called the Twine was popular in Chicago, and in 1963 Andre got the Nightliters to record an instrumental tune he decided to call Twine Time.

Alvin was then added talking (or kind of rapping) over the instrumental and the resulting record was released in 1964. At the time the record was climbing the charts, Alvin’s brothers were only 13 to 15 years old, and it’s likely none of them were on the recording as well.

They may not sing on the record, but (with apologies to Archie Bell and the Drells) they dance just as good as they walk, as shown in a video of them gyrating to their hit single in 1965.

Alvin and several different backup groups released a series of singles through the next four years but were never able to find another groove as successful as the Twine.

Alvin appeared performing his singles on American Bandstand and a few episodes of Where the Action Is. Later he finally got to act in a few films as well.


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