Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/02/2019

I’m pretty sure it’s better to be a one-hit wonder than to be a no-hit wonder.

The Joe Jeffrey Group got up to #14 in the Summer of 1969 with My Pledge Of Love. Joe played guitar and sang lead while backed up by Al Russ (on bass), Charles Perry, and Ron Browning. The group was unusual since Browning played drums and Perry did percussion as well. It appears that Al may have been the arranger for their hit single.

Almost all the information about the group is sketchy at best. Joe was born in Cleveland, or maybe Buffalo, New York, and maybe even Arkansas. One thing everybody agrees on: they spent a year or more playing bars (and maybe clubs) in the Cleveland area.

The group cut one album and released at least five singles but never got near the US charts again after their one big break. Their version of My Baby Loves Lovin’ was outperformed in the US by the hit version by White Plains, but the version by the Jeffrey group somehow got up to #23 in Australia.



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