Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/06/2019


Steve Plunkett was recording music for a solo album after leaving Silver Condor in 1983. Steve and three of the musicians who played on his demos eventually formed a band. Steve choose the name Autograph for the group (more or less named after the Def Leppard song Photograph). In 1984 they completed their first album (Sign In Please). Turn Up the Radio was the lead single from the album.

The video the group made for their single had perhaps the strangest product placement ever – a Papermate pen they used to (ahem) place their autographs on a piece of paper at the start of the video after being told to “Sign in please.” Strange or not, the ad allowed the group to produce what at the time was an expensive video.

Autograph even got to perform on American Bandstand and was interviewed by Dick Clark. Despite all the promotion, their single only got up to #29 in 1985, but the group was able to tour on the strength of that single for a few years. In 1989, the lack of ongoing success caused the group to fall apart.

Steve Plunkett reformed Autograph in 2002 with three new musicians, but after three years they disbanded again. He went on to a long career writing music for other artists and his compositions have been a part of perhaps over a hundred movies and television shows.

In 2013, the other three original members of the group reformed the group and began touring again. One of them died shortly thereafter, but he was replaced and the band continues to tour today.


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