Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/07/2019

I’m now living in Indiana, and it’s natural to wonder about which musical acts come from the state. There’s the Jackson 5, John (Cougar) Mellencamp, and this guy: Henry Lee Summer.

Henry began his music career as a drummer but later taught himself to play the guitar and keyboards. After touring for much of the seventies, he managed to get his first single released in 1982 (Sweet Love) and his first album released the next year (Stay With Me). When those releases failed to impress the charts, he spent a number of years appearing as a warm-up act in the midwest as well as being lighting director and/or stage manager for small to medium-sized venues.

In 1988 he finally hit it big with the release of Wish I Had A Girl. That record only got up to #20 on the pop charts but hit the top of the Mainstream Rock chart. The following year saw his only other visit to the pop top forty when he wrote and sang Hey Baby. That record made it up to #18 and into the top ten on the Mainstream Rock chart. He got to sing the song during an appearance on Arsenio Hall’s show.

His last appearance on the singles chart was Till Somebody Loves You. The record was released in 1991 and featured background vocals from Michale Bolton but was unable to get any higher than #51.

During the late eighties and early nineties, Henry sang lead on songs that were used on at least a half-dozen film soundtracks. That included a song for Iron Eagle II that was produced by Mike Chapman (we last mentioned Mike a few days ago).

Henry still continues to perform live, mostly in clubs in Indiana.

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