Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/11/2019

David Teegarden and Skip Knape (Van Winkle) were a drummer and keyboard player who grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were performing at clubs with singer Gene Crose, but when the two decided to move to Detroit the singer stayed behind.

Once there, the duo recorded their first album, An Evening at Home With Teegarden and Van Winkle,  by recording live performances at a local club. They managed to get the album pressed and released, and as a result, got some airplay in Detroit. That led to a contract with Atlantic Records and their second album, But Anyhow. Unfortunately, the record label did little to help promote the album and eventually dropped the duo.

In hopes of attracting another record label, the duo recorded two more songs, one of which was God, Love, and Rock and Roll. They got national distribution on the record and it easily climbed up to #22 on the charts. While they were able to tour with the single, they were unable to raise enough money to cut another album.

They eventually cut an album with guitarist Michael Bruce, but sales were a disappointment.

When their career as a duo faded, they each found work with other bands. Teegarden joined Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band for a few years, while Van Winkle appeared in a trio with Robbie Krieger (from the Doors). In the late 90s, the duo reunited and recorded another album. They continued to appear together as late as 2009 and work as solo artists thereafter.

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