Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/18/2019

Gerry Granahan was a singer and songwriter who was responsible for forming and producing two groups that had minor doo-wop hits. He also wrote and released a record of his own that got up to #23, but his real success came much later with the Angels and other groups.

In 1957 he was responsible for forming the four-man group the Fireflies. The group was one of the first where all the members played instruments and sang. The song You Were Mine was written by group member Paul Giacalone and the lead vocal was sung by Ritchie Adams. The record stayed in the top 100 for twelve weeks, reaching #21 in the fall of 1959.

The group was unable to capitalize on their success. Their next single only reached #90 and the group disbanded shortly thereafter.

Paul reformed the group in the late nineties. They toured and sang live for a number of years until Paul died from cancer in 2013 (I believe he was still singing with the group in 2012). A group of Fireflies continues performing to this day.

Ritchie went on to record a few singles in the early sixties. While none of his records did very well, he had a very successful career as a songwriter. He wrote Tossing and Turning which was recorded by Bobby Lewis and was the top record of all of 1961. Other songs he wrote include Happy Summer Days by Ronnie Dove, After the Lovin’ by Engelbert Humperdinck, and (choke) he was the co-writer of The Tra La La Song by the Banana Splits.

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