Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/21/2019

Five musicians from Minnesota formed the group South 40 in 1967. They were signed by Columbia Records in 1969 and recorded their first album. Columbia made the group change their name to Crow. The members of the group wrote all the songs on their first album, Crow Music. The first single released from the album was Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me. Thanks to a lot of airplay, the record reached #19 on the charts in early 1970. Sadly, that was about all the success they had.

David Wagner was the original lead singer for the band and sang lead for their first few albums. He left the group in 1971 and recorded his own solo album (which did not get much notice). The group replaced David with a new singer, but the group fell apart completely in 1972.

David helped reform the group in 1980 and Crow recorded an album, Crow on the Run. Lack of success probably caused another disbanding in 1982. Better days followed after the group reformed yet again in 1988, and they continue to tour and perform today.

Crow’s version of the song was popular enough that a new British group’s manager forced them to record a cover version so their first album would “have something commercial.” Black Sabbath released the song as their first single. The record was released to little effect in the UK in 1970 and also failed to even hit the top 100 in the US. When the group’s first album was released in the US the song was even left off of the album; the recording wasn’t even released in the US until a compilation album came out in 2002. Black Sabbath did better with their second album, Paranoid.

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