Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 07/26/2019

Marta Marrero was one of those rascally orphans in the film version of AnnieWhile that may not have led to a career in films, it did help her land a role in 1982 as one of the kids on Kids Incorporated.

Give yourself additional oldies points if you can name either the female superstar singer or the actress who is still starring on a current television show who also got their starts on Kids Incorporated. You get bonus points if you can name anybody else who came out of the show with a career.

In the second year of the show, Marta changed her stage name by dropping her last name and changing her first name to Martika. After two years of being a featured kid, she left the show and began a solo career.

She recorded her first album in 1988. She co-wrote her first two singles, the second of which topped the charts (Toy Soldiers, an anti-drug record). Her third single was a cover of a song from Carol King’s 1971 Tapestry album. I Feel The Earth Move was a dance number that bounced up to #25 in 1989. Martika toured the world with live performances of the singles from her album, including stops in Australia.

Martika’s career dimmed for a bit after her first few singles, but in 1991 she recorded a top ten record that she wrote with Prince. Her career from that point was eclectic: her biggest hit was sampled by Eminem, she formed a Latin-based band named Oppera, created her own video blog, changed her stage name and changed it back, and went on another tour of Australia with a host of 80s musicians.

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