Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 08/03/2019

In the early eighties, guitarist John Baxter and keyboard player Paul Fishman formed the group Re-Flex. A number of other musicians were in and out of the group over the next few years, but their first album was recorded in 1983 primarily with the help of Roland Vaughn Kerridge on Bass and drummer Nigel Ross-Scott. The title song of the album and their first single was The Politics of Dancing.

The initial video for the single was little more than a performance video while a later video was closer to a mini-movie. The record reached #24 in early 1984.

As would be expected, the song was also released on a 12-inch disk for the dance crowd. That version was over six minutes and made it into the top ten of the US dance charts.

The group released a few more singles from their first album that had little impact. They also recorded a second album but it wasn’t released until the recordings were included in a six-CD set in in 2010.

The group worked on a third album that also went unreleased, although the song Cut It was featured in the soundtrack for the film Breakin’ in 1984. Two more songs were recorded and included in the soundtrack of Superman IV in 1987. The group never exactly disbanded, but no new work appears to have been created for the next 25 years.

That six disk set also included songs recorded before their first album as well as their previously unreleased second and third albums. The group hopes to eventually release some additional material they have recorded.

2 thoughts on “Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 08/03/2019”

    1. Not surprisingly, the video features a lot of break-dancing.

      Ollie and Jerry: There’s No Stopping Us

      Not to be confused with the Mcfadden and Whitehead hit, Ain’t No Stopping Us


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