Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 08/09/2019

Jed Strunk was born and raised in upstate New York and moved to a small farm in nearby Maine in 1960. He was an entertainer at heart who learned to play the banjo and also performed light comedy.

He developed a one-man show and traveled performing for the Armed Forces and later commuted to New York City to perform. He had a role in the Broadway musical Beautiful Dreamer. His performances there led to two guest appearances on Bewitched.

Jed recorded two albums of Country music in 1970 and 1971.

In 1970 Jed ran for a seat in the Maine state Senate and lost by only one vote. We can only hope he voted for himself!

The last season of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In was 1972 to 1973. Jed was a regular on the show for the entire season. In the middle of that run, he recorded A Daisy A Day and performed the song on the show. The beautiful but engagingly sad song was his first hit record and reached #14 on the pop charts and #4 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1973. The song was popular enough that he was also invited to perform it on The Tonight Show.

At least two more albums and four more singles followed, but Jed had little chart action from any of them.

In 1981 Jed died at age 45 when the plane he was flying crashed.



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