Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 08/10/2019

When disco ran roughshod over the charts in the late seventies, a lot of people were pretty annoyed. Others saw what was happening and decided (correctly) that they could create disco easily as well.

It’s no wonder all the songs started to sound the same.

One popular choice was to take a song that was already familiar to people and simply throw it into a disco beat and find out how it sounded. One of the strangest decisions along those lines occurred to Trevor Lawrence.

Trevor was a composer and arranger who also played the saxophone. Mostly he was a studio musician, but he also toured playing in horn sections for various groups.

Various groups like the Rolling Stones.

No doubt he heard disco and shrugged (’cause, like, who can’t do that?) Giving it a second thought, he instead rounded up a few musicians, wrote up an arrangement and had them play a disco adaptation of a popular television theme song:

Disco Lucy (I Love Lucy Theme).

The only words on the record were, “Dance, dance, disco Lucy.” Trevor’s wife was one of the Supremes from 1972-1973, so you can probably guess who did the vocal parts of the record. The record was released by Island Records and credited to the Wilton Place Street Band…no doubt because Trevor lived in Wilton Place.

The 45 rpm single was only 3:35, but (of course) there was also a dance version that somehow stretched the song to a little over five minutes. The Dance version got into the top ten on the US Club Play Chart (I’ve never heard of that one, either) while the regular single inched up to #24 on the pop charts in 1977. Somehow the record also got to #9 on the Easy Listening chart, giving that chart a whole new meaning for the word “Easy.”

As far as I know, it was the only record ever recorded by the “group.”


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