Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 08/15/2019

In 1981 Felix Haug and Kurt Maloo formed the European group Ping Pong with a seemingly unidentified bass player. The pair were both from Zurich, Switzerland. The group had some success with singles in Europe. By 1983 the pair had decided to lose the bass player and began performing and recording as a duo named Double. Felix played drums and keyboards while Kurt played guitar and sang the vocals.

Their first three singles were mostly overlooked. Those singles were added to several other new compositions to produce the album Blue in 1985. The first release from the album was Captain Of Her Heart. The song was an immediate hit in Europe. The record crossed the Atlantic and began getting airplay in the US. By the Fall of 1986, the record reached #16 in the US. The original video for the single was a simple performance video that was used in Europe that ran under four minutes. The video showed each of the two members of the group performing as two additional musicians, making the group appear to be a four-man group.

When the record was released in the US a new video was shot that included various models as well. One of the models was a 15-year-old Denise Richards. The US video ran nearly four-and-a-half minutes.

Numerous mixes of the song have been released over time, including an extended version that was over six minutes long.

Double released a second album in 1985 to a disappointing reception. They also began recording material for a third album but split up in 1989 before it was finished. They each began working on solo projects. Several times in the nineties they again worked on a third album but were never happy enough with the results to release an album.

Felix died in 2004 and most of the remaining finished tracks were added to one of Kurt’s albums in 2006.


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