Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 08/22/2019

Dan Fogelberg was a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign beginning in 1969. While he studied art, he also played with the Ship, a folk-rock band. Irving Azoff was a promoter who booked talent in cafes in the area and he convinced Dan to relocate to Nashville. Once there, Dan started doing session work. Perhaps his first recording was playing piano on the song You Owe It To Me at the Exit/Inn.

Dan recorded his first album in 1972, but neither Home Free or its lead single (To The Morning) did much for his career. In 1975 Joe Walsh of the Eagles produced Dan’s second album,  Souvenirs and the single Part of the Plan managed to get up to #31.

Two more albums followed by 1977, but none of the singles reached the charts again.

Tim Weisberg grew up in California. He joined the band in 7th grade, hoping to learn to play the drums. It was not to be: instruments were distributed to students in alphabetical order and Tim was near the end of the line. He was left with the choice of a flute or a bassoon, and the flute seemed a simpler choice. It quickly became clear that he had an affinity for the instrument, and he quickly moved from classical to jazz music. By the end of the sixties, he was making money as a session musician playing on pop songs. In 1969 he was one of the session musicians on a Monkees’ album, and a few years later he played on a Carpenters’ album. In 1972 he recorded his first two solo albums, and another album followed each year after that.

In 1977, Tim played flute on Dan’s Nether Lands album. The two became fast friends, and in 1978 they released a joint album, Twin Sons of Different Mothers. The last song on the album was The Power Of Gold, which was released as a single and reached #24 on the charts. That album was the turning point for Dan; his next album contained the single Longer, a #2 record that was the first of eight consecutive top forty singles. It was also the first of four #1 singles on the Adult Contemporary chart.

In 1995 the pair reunited and recorded a second album, No Resemblance Whatsoever. The album came out on a small record label and sales were negligible. While no details remain online, one event pops up over and over:

In 1997 Tim Weisberg sued former partner Dan Fogelberg for alleged breach of contract and fraud over the recording of “No Resemblance Whatsoever,” the 1995 follow-up to “Twin Sons.”

Dan died from cancer in 2007.

Tim continues to record and perform publicly.


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