Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 08/25/2019

Cliffe Stone grew up in California in the Roaring Twenties. His father was a country singer known as Herman the Hermit (no relation to Peter Noone’s group). Cliffe played bass in several orchestras and began playing at an assortment of country-music related clubs in the area. He also did some comedy and even acted as emcee for some engagements.

Captiol Records hired Cliffe as an A&R man in 1946. He discovered and helped start the careers of Tennessee Ernie Ford and Stan Freeburg and many others. He also became involved with television in its infancy and hosted his own weekly show (Hometown Jamboree) from 1949 to 1956.

Cliffe released a half-dozen albums with his band. He had several Country hit singles in the late forties, but his biggest hit was a surprise novelty songThe Popcorn Song helped popularize the phrase, “Too pooped to pop,” with its release in 1955. The record reached #14 in the Summer of 1955. The song was written by Bob Roubian, who also founded the world-famous Crab Cooker restaurant.

Chuck Berry released the record Too Pooped To Pop in 1960 which barely missed the top forty; his record was not related to Cliffe’s song at all.


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