Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 09/09/2019

Meri Wilson was born on a US military base in Japan but grew up in Georgia. She earned degrees in music and music education after which she took off to find fame and fortune singing and playing guitar in Dallas, Texas. She also worked as a model and jingle singer.

I consider DOA by Bloodrock one of the records I would least want to ever hear again. Sure, the record made it up to #36 in 1971. The song was a drawn-out stream of consciousness that dragged on about somebody dying after an accident. The song was based on an actual airplane accident that was witnessed by the group’s guitarist. It comes across as a about the last few painful minutes of somebody’s life. Ick; sure, it qualifies as a lost but not forgotten oldie, but some oldies really should remain lost. The group released six albums between 1970 and 1974, but never found the charts again. The vocalist on the song was Jim Rutledge, whose only other claim to fame was meeting Meri Wilson and producing her first single.

While recording a jingle, Meri was overheard by Jim, who was impressed. He convinced her to sign up with BNA Records. She wrote and recorded Telephone Man. The song was a humorous novelty record based upon a relationship she had with a telephone man who installed her phone. The song was a bit risque at the time but sounds a lot tamer now. The record sold over a million copies and got as high as #18 in the US in 1977. The song was an international hit that reached the top ten in several other countries. She even managed to film a video for the single for the Dutch television show TopPop.

Meri recorded a few more novelty songs but only Doctor Demento seemed to notice. Her last notable release came in 1999 when she recorded Internet Man. The song was a raunchier version of Telephone Man that followed the exploits of getting hooked up for the Internet. The record never reached the charts.

Meri died in 2002 as the result of an accident in an ice storm that hit Georgia.


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