Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 09/16/2019

Jim and Dash were born in Texas and played with a group called Dean Beard and the Crew Cats in the fifties. In 1959, they moved to California and joined the Champs. That group had already had several hit records in 1958, including Tequila. While the two were not a part of the early hits, it is likely they were playing on the sequel singleToo Much Tequila in 1960.

Glen Campbell also joined the Champs, and in 1963 he and Jim and Dash formed the group Glen Campbell and the GCs. They played at a local club in Van Nuys while Glen tried to get a solo career going. A few years later Glen briefly joined the Beach Boys and Jim and Dash eventually joined the Dawnbreakers.

After the Dawnbreakers split apart in the late sixties, Jim and Dash decided to make a go of it as a duo using their last names: Seals and Crofts. They released two albums but no hit records resulted.

In 1971 they switched to the Warner Brothers record label in 1971, and their next album finally brought them success. Summer Breeze reached #6 in 1972 and a few more top twenty singles followed the next year.

The group released the single Unborn Child in 1974. The pro-life message of the song made it difficult for them to get airplay on many stations, and their career stalled. Their follow-up singleKing Of Nothing, couldn’t get any higher than #60, perhaps in part because stations were still punishing them for Unborn Child.

The next year they released the album I’ll Play For You and it had to be a relief when the title track got up to #18 and also reached #4 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The duo continued to have success on the charts for three more years and continued recording albums until 1980 when Warner Brothers dropped them. They split up for several years but reunited to tour off and on after that. Their last album was released in 2004.


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