Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 09/22/2019

Jack Jones had a long, successful career recording songs that found a home on the Adult Contemporary (AC) chart. His first charting single was Lollipops and Roses. The record only made it up to #66 on the Hot 100 in 1962 but made it up to #6 on the AC chart. Over the next twenty years, he had over 30 records reach the top forty on the AC chart, including three number one hits. Only five of his singles reached the top forty on the Hot 100. His last record to reach any chart was his recording of the theme from The Love Boat in 1981.

Jack had five Grammy award nominations and won twice. In 1961 he won for Best Solo Vocal Performance, Male, for his recording of Lollipops and Roses. In 1963 he won for nearly the same category, Best Vocal Performance, Male, for Wives and Lovers.

Jack’s first number one record on the AC started life as a Country hit by George Jones. George recorded The Race Is On in 1963 but the record was not released as a single until late in 1964. His very country version of the record reached #3 on the Country chart and somehow snuck up to #96 on the pop charts.

Jack recorded a cover version of the song that was also released in 1964 that reached #15 on the Hot 100 and the top of the AC chart in early 1965.

Jody Miller had an extensive Country career as well as a few pop hits (Queen of the House and Home of the Brave). Unaware that George Jones had already cut a copy of The Race Is On, she recorded her own version. A video for her version of the song was made by Scopitone; if you have never seen a Scopitone video before, you are not prepared for her video. Bobby Vee made a lot of videos for them as well.

The Grateful Dead and Elvis Costello enjoyed playing The Race Is On live in their concert performances and even the Chipmunks covered the song. Sawyer Brown reached #5 on the Country chart with yet another recording in 1989.


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