Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 10/02/2019

Bill, Brett, and Mark Hudson grew up in Portland, Oregon and formed their first group while still teenagers. After changing the group’s name from the My Sirs to The New Yorkers, the group began releasing singles in 1967.

By 1970 the group’s name had changed to Everyday Hudson and that barely lasted a year before they became Hudson. They appeared as guest stars on a few scattered television shows, and in the Summer of 1974, they became the hosts of the Hudson Brothers Show. The show only lasted five weeks, but CBS was impressed enough to give the group their own half-hour Saturday Morning show.

The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show ran for an entire year and featured the trio singing and clowning around. The group caught the attention of  Bernie Taupin (the lyricist for Elton John) and he began producing their music. When the new show was about to begin, the group released the single So You Are a Star, credited to the Hudson Brothers.  The television exposure was enough to finally get the group onto the charts, and the single reached #21 and sounded a lot like a cross between ELO and the Beatles.

In early 1975 they followed up their success with a second charting singleRendevous reached #26. Somewhere in the garage, I have their album from that period of their career. Sadly, that was the end of their top forty fortunes. They continued to record and release albums through 1980 before finally ending their recording career.

The trio continued to sometimes appear on television and was also in at least one movie in 1983 and somehow ended up as featured players on a series of British television comedy specials.

Bill was married to Goldie Hawn and later to Cindy Williams and had children with both of them. He appeared in a handful of films and had a recurring role on Doogie Howser, M.D.

Brett became a director and producer of films and television shows.

Mark became a record producer and songwriter. He wrote numerous songs for Aerosmith and worked with others including Cher, Ringo, and Hanson.


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