Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 10/03/2019

Ann Peebles grew up in Missouri where she began singing in the church that was led by her father. Her family included her in The Peebles Choir before she departed to concentrate on singing soul music in the mid-sixties. She moved to Memphis when she signed with a record company there and proceeded to produce a series of R&B singles. She co-wrote many of her songs with her husband.

Eight of her singles reached the R&B top forty but only one record crossed over to the pop charts. I Can’t Stand The Rain reached #38 on the Hot 100 as well as #6 on the R&B chart in 1973. Her next single was her last top forty R&B hit as well. She continued to release singles through 1981 and recorded her last album in 2006. A stroke put an end to her singing career in 2012.

A collection of Caribbean musicians formed the group Silent Eruption in England in 1974 and shortened their name to Eruption shortly after that. Precious Wilson joined the group as a backup vocalist in 1975 and took over lead vocals in 1976 when the previous vocalist left.

The group was having little luck with their recordings and soon found themselves doing small gigs in Germany. They were hired to play as the warmup act and the backup touring band for Bony M.

In 1977, the group was finally able to record their first album. The second single was a cover of I Can’t Stand The Rain. Their version became an international hit, charting in the top ten in nearly a dozen countries and number one in two more. They even got some traction in the US, where the record reached #18 in 1978.

Eruption released three more non-charting singles before they released One Way Ticket (To The Blues) in 1979. The song was a cover of a song from the flip side of Neil Sedaka’s 1959 hit Oh, Carol. The record hit #30 on the US Dance chart and was a top ten single in nine other countries. After that success, Precious left the group to pursue an unsuccessful solo career. The group struggled without her.

While Eruption’s career may have dwindled, the song wasn’t finished yet. In 1985, Tina Turner recorded the song. It was on her Private Dancer album and released as a single in Europe. Her record did not fare well in the UK but hit the top twenty in Ireland and Switzerland and reached the top ten in Germany and Austria. The singer is instantly recognizable as Tina, but her version isn’t really very different from the first two.

Precious acquired the rights to the group name “Eruption” in 1997 and has used that to continue making live appearances.


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