Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day 10/10/2019

You’re probably familiar with a lot of the songwriters who worked in the Brill Building in the early sixties. One of them was Helen Miller. Helen co-wrote several successful singles with Howard Greenfield including Foolish Little Girl by the Shirelles, Charms by Bobby Vee, and It Hurts To Be In Love by Gene Pitney. She also worked with other lyricists and had several more major hits during her career.

Helen co-wrote Don’t Say You Don’t Remember with Estelle Levitt and in 1970 the song was recorded by The Goggles. The vocals on their single were somewhat strained and the record was simply ignored.

Beverly Bremers was born in Chicago and lived in St. Louis for a few years before her family moved to New York City in 1960. She exhibited a talent for singing in local talent shows and appeared on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour a few years later. Beginning when she was fourteen years old she began recording singles and had several released by the time she turned eighteen. She appeared in the Broadway production of Hair. She also won an Obie award for her appearances in the off-Broadway and Broadway productions of The Me Nobody Knows.

In 1971 Beverly recorded her version of Don’t Say You Don’t Remember. Her single reached the top ten on the Adult Contemporary chart that Summer, but failed to reach the Hot 100. Late in the year, the single began to get airplay in San Jose and the record slowly began getting airplay across a wider area. In February 1972 the single reached #15 and it eventually sold over a million copies. She later produced a video for the song that combines performances from 1972 and more recent performances from about ten years ago.

Her follow-up recording of We’re Free only reached #40, perhaps hampered by lyrics that were still too radical for airplay in much of the country in the early seventies.

Beverly continued acting and singing and even appeared as a nurse on Veronica Mars. She has also written some successful songs for Disney, including the theme song for Mousercise.

She is currently teaching singing, songwriting, voice-over, acting, and accent reduction and working on a new CD.



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