Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1955 Alan Dale – Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White

Aldo Sigismondi was born in Brooklyn. His father had immigrated to the US from Italy and had his own local radio program. Aldo got his chance to sing in public in 1934 at the age of only nine. His father’s show was running short and Aldo sang a song to fill the time. It went well enough that Aldo’s performances became a regular feature of the show.

Aldo auditioned for a singing job on Coney Island in 1943, and they hired him on the spot. The Carmen Cavallaro Orchestra hired Aldo the next year as a vocalist but insisted on changing his name. Inspired by the Robin Hood character Alan-A-Dale, Aldo began using the stage name Alan Dale.

Alan signed a series of record contracts beginning in 1947 and earned his own television show on the Dumont network in 1948. The show moved to CBS for the 1950-1951 season.

Ben Ryan wrote the song The Gang That Sang Heart Of My Heart in 1926. The last week of 1953 saw the release of two different versions of the song that each reached the top ten in early 1954: the single by the Four Aces reached #7 while the version recorded by Don Cornell, Alan Dale, and Johnny Desmond reached #10.

The number one record for all of 1955 was undoubtedly the instrumental Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado. Jane Russell starred in Underwater! and danced to the music of the song in the film’s soundtrack. The instrumental spent 26 weeks in the top forty and ten of those weeks it was sitting at #1.

Vocal versions of hit instrumentals often followed them up the charts, and this song was no exception. Alan Dale recorded a vocal version of the song and in 1955, about a month after the instrumental version reached #1, Alan’s version peaked at #14.

While Alan did not reach the charts again, he became friends with Alan Freed and appeared in the 1956 film, Don’t Knock the Rock.

Alan’s career faded as rock-and-roll grew in importance, but he continued appearing in nightclubs most of his life. He died in 2002.


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