Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1988 Basia – Time And Tide

Barbara Stanisława Trzetrzelewska was born in Poland. She began singing with various groups beginning in the late sixties using the name Basia. In 1981 she moved to London. In 1983, she became a member of the British group Bronze with Mark Reilly and Danny White. The group changed their name to “Matt Bianco,” even though there was nobody in the group with that name.

Basia and Danny soon became romantically connected.

The group recorded their first album in 1984 and released the single Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed. The single climbed to #15 on the UK chart. A children’s breakfast show in New Zealand used the song as their theme song.

Basia left the group after their first album to pursue a solo career. She recorded her first album in 1986. A series of six different singles spun out of the album. Smooth Jazz radio stations in the US helped the singles get some traction in that country. The singles Promises and New Day For You each reached the top ten on the US Adult Contemporary chart. Basis’s first single to reach the Hot 100 was the title song from the album, Time And Tide. The single peaked at #26 on the Hot 100 and #19 on the AC chart in 1988. The album eventually earned a platinum record.

Her second album came out in 1990. Three singles from the album reached the AC top forty and she once again had a platinum album. The most successful single from the album was Cruising For Bruising. The single peaked at #29 on the Hot 100 and became her second single to reach #5 on the AC chart.

In 1991, Basia began living with Kevin Robinson, who is now a former member of Simply Red.

Basia recorded her fourth album, The Sweetest Illusion, in 1994. Drunk On Love was the most successful single from the album. The song reached #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart in 1994.

When her mother died in 2000, Basia left the music industry and returned to Poland. Mark and Danny convinced her to begin recording again in 2003. She rejoined Matt Bianco and began recording with the group in 2004.

The group broke up again in 2009, and Basia returned to recording solo albums. Her most recent album came out in 2018. Butterflies reached the top five on the US Jazz Album chart and she is still touring to promote the album. She maintains a homepage website at https://www.basiasongs.com/.


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