Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1980 Chuck Mangione – Give It All You Got

1980 Chuck Mangione – Give It All You Got

Instrumentals used to be a significant part of the Top Forty. In the fifties and early sixties, it was commonplace to find a few dozen instrumentals charting that high and for several of them to even reach the top of the chart.

In 1980 there were only four instrumentals on the Top Forty, and only two of them made it into the top twenty. They each peaked at the same position.

Meco had their biggest success in 1977 when Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band topped the charts for two weeks. They placed two more records near the bottom of the top forty the next year, but were hoping for similar success when the second Star Wars film came out. Sadly, the single Empire Strikes Back (Medley) did not fare as well. While it spent 14 weeks on the top forty, the record didn’t get any higher than #18.

The other instrumental that made it to #18 came from Chuck Mangione. Chuck was a jazz musician who wrote music and played the trumpet, piano, and the flugelhorn. He played in at least four different jazz groups before striking out on a solo career in 1970. Chuck’s most successful recording was his single Feels So Good, which reached #4 on the Hot 100 in 1978 and #1 on the Adult Contemporary (AC) chart. His only other visit to the Top Forty came in 1980 with the release of Give It All You Got. He had recorded the song on his 1979 album Fun And Games. A&M Records released the song as a single when it ABC chose the song as the theme for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. The single peaked at #18 on the Hot 100 in March 1980, and he again topped the AC chart.

Chuck had ten appearances on the King Of The Hill television show ranging from 1997 to the show’s finale in 2009. A running joke on the show had an early contract with Mega-Lo stores require Chuck to play at every Mega-Lo store opening. Each time he played on the show, he would start playing the melody from Feels So Good on his flugelhorn. He even commented in one episode that, “Every song I play now sounds like Feels So Good.” As a nod to the show, Chuck included a song entitled Peggy Hill on one of his albums.

By the year 2000, Chuck had recorded nearly four dozen albums for over a half-dozen labels, many of which were live performances.


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