Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1984 Jump ‘N The Saddle – The Curly Shuffle

Ted Healy and His Stooges performed a vaudeville act back in the 1920s. The only stooge initially hired for the act was Moe Howard, but over time Moe’s brother Shemp and Larry Fine also joined the group. Shemp left the group in 1934 and pursued a solo career and his younger brother Jerome took his place. Thanks to his bald head, Jerome went by the name of Curley. The three stooges left Ted’s act and filmed 90 short films over the next 12 years. After Curly’s heart attack in 1946, Shemp returned for nine years. We eventually got two more replacements for Shemp.

Moe, Larry, and Curly only sang one complete song during their years on screen. In the film short Violent Is the Word for Curly, they posed as three professors and taught a class by singing the song Swingin’ the Alphabet. While that notable song may be familiar, the song we most associate the group with is a swinging version of Three Blind Mice, their theme song.

In the early eighties we got a second song to associate with the group, one that paid tribute to Curly. The country/pop band from Chicago, Jump ‘N The Saddle, recorded The Curly Shuffle. The single was an homage to Curly.

Group member Peter Quinn wrote the song. The small Acme Record Company released the single in the Midwest in 1983. The song performed well in the region, and that helped the group sign with Atlantic Records. The group recorded an album, and Atlantic released their single nationwide. A video for the record contained clips from a large number of Three Stooges shorts.

The single reached #29 on the Adult Contemporary chart in late 1983, and in January 1984, the record peaked at #15 on the Hot 100. Atlantic also released the record in Canada, but it failed to chart because a Canadian group called the Knuckle Heads released a cover version that reached #29 on the Canadian chart. Their record companies released each versions in Australia, but neither one did well in that country.

Atlantic released a second single from the group’s album, but It Should’ve Been Me failed to chart. The group broke up shortly after. Peter later joined Skip Towne & the Greyhounds, but nothing notable came from that group.

Some members of the group continued to perform as Jump ‘N The Saddle in the Chicago area until the early 2000s.


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