Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1987 Glenn Medeiros – Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

1987 Glenn Medeiros – Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

Glenn Medeiros grew up in Hawaii. His father drove a tour bus, and at age ten, Glenn began his musical career by entertaining tourists on the bus.

George Benson recorded Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, a song written by Gerry Goffin and Michael Masser on an album in 1985. His record company released the song as a single, but only in Europe. In 1986, when he was only 16 years old, Glenn sang the song in a local radio station talent contest. The program director of the station, Jay Stone, produced a single version of the song for Amherst Records. The program director of Phoenix radio station KZZP, Guy Zapoleon, heard the song while visiting the islands and took a copy back to Arizona. It took a few months, but by June 1987, the record had peaked at #12 on the Hot 100 and #4 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The record also reached the top of the charts in at least seven other countries.

The record got some sales help when the soap opera Days Of Our Lives featured the song on an episode. Three more soap operas used the song in 1988.

Glenn’s next three singles reached the Hot 100 but stalled at #67, #68, and #80. The next three singles failed to even reach the top 100, although the duet he recorded in French with Elsa Lunghini reached #1 in France in 1989.

Glenn recorded songs with three very different artists in 1990. His duet with Bobby Brown, She Ain’t Worth It, topped the Hot 100 in 1990 and even reached #43 on the R&B chart.

He recorded All I’m Missing Is You with Ray Parker, Jr., but the single peaked at #32.

His last visit to the Hot 100 came from a single he recorded with the Stylistics, Me – U = Blue.

When his music career slowed down, Glenn returned to school. He began teaching on Oahu and became a vice principal. He earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California in 2014 and became the Head of School/Principal at an all-boys Catholic school. In 2017, he became President and CEO of the school.


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