Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1986 Loverboy – Heaven In Your Eyes

1986 Loverboy – Heaven In Your Eyes

Loverboy is a Canadian group that formed in Calgary, Alberta. The group included lead singer Mike Reno, Paul Dean on guitar, Doug Johnson on keyboards, Scott Smith on bass, and Matt Frenette on drums. The band first performed live as the opening act for Kiss in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1979.

Every American record company the group approached declined to sign them. Loverboy signed with Columbia Records of Canada and recorded their first album in 1980. The group’s first single, Turn Me Loose, only reached #35 on the Hot 100 but peaked at #6 on the US Mainstream Rock chart and #7 in Canada in early 1981. The hit single allowed the band to tour extensively and their album sold over two million copies in the US.

Their first single from their second album, Working For The Weekend, reached #2 on the US Mainstream Rock chart but stalled at #29 on the Hot 100.  After five more singles failed to do well, the band finally had another hit in 1983 with the single Hot Girls In Love.

In 1985, the group finally reached the US Hot 100 top ten with a single written by Mutt Lange, Lovin’ Every Minute Of It. The band co-wrote their 1986 single, This Could Be The Night, and that slow ballad also reached the top ten.

The film Top Gun came out in 1986 and featured the band’s song Heaven In Your Eyes. The video for the song included clips from the film and helped the single reach #12 on the Hot 100.

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora wrote the group’s 1987 single Notorious. The record became the group’s last appearance in the Hot 100’s top forty when it peaked at #38 in 1987. The record managed to reach the US Mainstream Rock top ten, but after that, only one more of their singles got into the Rock top thirty.

In 2001, Scott died in a boating accident and Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve took over playing bass guitar for the group. That remains the only change in the group’s lineup in over forty years.

The group has appeared in several television commercials and released their most recent single in 2017.


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