Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1980 Charlie Dore – Pilot Of The Airwaves

1980 Charlie Dore – Pilot Of The Airwaves

Charlie Dore grew up in England. She spent two years acting and singing in a touring company. She followed that with participating in a rock opera and a few more musical plays.

She slowly accumulated additional musicians and created her first band in Kensington, a bluegrass band named Hula Valley. As the band changed members and musical styles, their name evolved to Prairie Oyster, then Fresh Oyster, and finally Charlie Dore’s Back Pocket.

Island Records signed Charlie and flew her to Nashville to record her first album. They hired Joe Boyd to re-mix the album, but the result was deemed too Country, and the label had record producers Alan Tarney and Bruce Welch re-record parts of the album. One of the songs they “fixed” was Pilot Of The Airwaves. The song was released and became her first charting single. The record reached #13 on the US Hot 100 in 1980 but peaked at only #66 on the UK chart.

The single is notable for being the last record played by the pirate radio station Caroline before it went off the air in 1990.

Charlie did not find similar success with her second album, although she did find some success as a songwriter. In 1984, Sheena Easton had a top ten single in the US with Strut, a song that Charlie co-wrote. Charlie went on to write songs recorded by many artists.

Beginning in 1983, Charlie returned to acting as her primary career, appearing in films and television shows. In 1990, she formed the comedy troupe Dogs On Holiday, which performed on Saturday nights in Soho for six years.

Charlie began recording music again and released albums in 1995 and 2005. She continues to release new CDs on a schedule of one every three years beginning in 2006. Her most recent CD, Like Animals, came out in 2020.


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