Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1983 Adam Ant – Goody Two Shoes

1983 Adam Ant – Goody Two Shoes

Stuart Leslie Goddard was born in London in 1954. He began work on a degree in art but dropped out of school without finishing so he could pursue a career in music. They hospitalized him after he took an overdose of pills, and he was diagnosed with a bipoloar disorder. When he was released, he changed his name to Adam Ant.

By 1977, he was the frontman for Adam and the Ants, a punk group. The rest of the band left him, and in 1980 he recruited a new crew of musicians and they signed with CBS Records. The group’s first album came out later that year and they reached the top five in the UK with the single Dog Eat Dog. The record did not enter the Hot 100 in the US, but it did reach #15 on the US Mainstream Rock chart and #19 on the US Dance chart. The next single from the album, Antmusic, had similar results.

The next album contained two singles that topped the UK chart, but neither one made an impact in the US.

In 1982, Adam decided the members of the group were not enthusiastic enough and disbanded the Ants. He began releasing solo recordings. His first solo venture was another chart-topping single in the UK, Goody Two Shoes. They released the single late in 1982 in the US, and it reached #12 on the Hot 100 in early 1983. He starred in multiple videos for the single, including the video played by MTV and another video where he danced with moving furniture.

While Adam had two more top ten records and four more top forty records in the UK, he only reached the top forty in the US twice more. His 1990 single, Room At The Top, peaked at #17 on the Hot 100, and in 1995 he had a single that spent a week at #39.

Adam had some troubles that resulted from violent outbursts and spent multiple stretches in treatment for mental health issues. He began a comeback in 2010 that led to the release of a new album in 2013. He released another new album in 2019 and did an extensive tour to support the new music.


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