Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1967 Jon & Robin – Do It Again A Little Bit Slower

1967 Jon & Robin – Do It Again A Little Bit Slower 

Jon Abdnor Junior was a member of The In Crowd, which also included Stan Farber and Al Capps. They recorded the single Questions And Answers in 1966, but the record took two weeks to reach #92 on the Hot 100 and then faded away.

Dale Hawkins had a hit in 1957 with one of the 500 records that were later immmortralized in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame: Suzie-Q. In 1961, he co-produced the single Hey Baby by Bruce Channel. Jon’s father owned Abnak Records, and Dale produced The Five Americans when they moved to that label. They had a hit early in 1967 with the song Western Union, which reached #5 on the Hot 100.

Jon teamed up with Javonne Braga, who used Robin as a stage name. Dale produced a record that had Jon and Robin and the other members of The In Crowd singing and the Five Americans playing music to back them up. Wayne Carson Thompson wrote the song they recorded, and the result was the hit Do It Again A Little Bit Slower. The single reached #18 on the Hot 100 in the Summer of 1967.

The pair’s follow-up single spent one week at #100 and vanished without a trace. Their only other single to reach the charts was Dr. Jon (The Medicine Man), which reached #87 in 1968. They released two albums before they broke up.

Wayne went on to write The Letter, which became a number one hit for the Box Tops later in 1967.

Jon released a solo album in 1969 and then appears to have left the music industry.

In 1970, Robin married James Wright of the Five Americans.


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